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20:56 06 Jul 22
Great staff, super friendly! Amazing products and nice selection. very educated on their products. I highly recommend wether you're a noob, a pro or anything in between!!
Ricky RomeroRicky Romero
21:55 24 May 22
Best products and people. Try their legal options. I did not need my medical card and was left feeling great.
Alex KellerAlex Keller
00:37 24 May 22
Updating my review after trying all the products we got. WOW. These people know what they are doing! Best of all they aren't some corporation. Real mom and pop trying to do better for the cannabis community. Only place to shop.
Bill nobusinessofyoursBill nobusinessofyours
17:39 11 May 22
A hidden gem in Apopka. Other dispensaries sink millions into the way they look, cool until you figure where the money is coming from... YOU!No frills or fancy waiting rooms at this place. You can tell these guys are all about the product, which is just as good as those other dispensaries (who will remain nameless, lol) and it is less than half the price!I'm telling you, take the ride to check it out. You may never go anywhere else again.

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36 reviews for 60MG Gummies

  1. Amy Turpin (verified owner)

    I’ve never experiemented with the D9 gummies, so I’m easing into it. Only real complaint I have with this product is the same as I have with any other edible product. The effect is delayed. A LOT. I didn’t feel anything until 3-4 hours after ingestion. And that was holding it in my mouth as long as I could. The effect wasn’t too much and I’ll definitely be purchasing again. Product arrived with the proper documentation in plain packaging.

  2. Christeena Gallimore (verified owner)

    These are amazing!!!

  3. akivavizcaino (verified owner)

    First off, I absolutely LOVED the packaging. It is so cute and lemme tell you these edibles are legit god-sent. i’ve never been hit so hard. My friend has a higher tolerance than me and it hit them pretty hard so that says a lot. These are delicious and amazing. I def be purchasing in the future. legit please buy it, you have to try it. i would def recommend. one of my favorites frfr

  4. troye.henderson.2000 (verified owner)

    they give me a high after about two hours. I really like them and will be buying more.

  5. Robert Hester (verified owner)

    Excellent tasting. I bought the green apple and loved them. The 60mg is a good bargain especially over the 10mg. I did have one show up with the container broken but Chronicguru replaced it quickly.

  6. Phillip Walker (verified owner)

    Some of the best edibles you can buy online. The after taste has a little bitterness from the thc, but it isn’t bad. Overall, these are great. Takes around 1 hour or so for the high to kick in, but when it does, its great.

  7. Willie Coachman (verified owner)

    Not usually a fan of edibles but needed a replacement for pain medicine. I have a high tolerance but I found taking a whole gummy was too much but half was perfect. Takes about an hour for the effect to start but they work great for pain as well as recreation.

  8. Willie Coachman (verified owner)

    Tried strawberry daquiri and the only complaint I have is that it taste too good……. Same strength, relaxing effect.

  9. Willie Coachman (verified owner)

    Tried strawberry daquiri, great taste and same good effect. Always a pleasure to do business with you.

  10. Robert Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved them! Edibles normally don’t affect me much, but these were great. Turned on 2 friends and they also loved them.

  11. Dallas Peters (verified owner)

    Really great have to try it’s a must have for me.

  12. James Hatfield (verified owner)

    Good price and fairly potent. I recommend taking 1/2. Great for pain and relaxing

  13. benny webb (verified owner)

    So sweet and sugary! Tried the watermelon flavor, and it barely had a weed after taste. Great for someone with arthritis and body pains because it relaxes the body beautifully. I like to cut them into 4 pieces because they are large cubes.

  14. DBJ1 (verified owner)

    These things are no joke, I took one and about 90 mins later and I was well medicated and enjoying my evening, 100% buying these again my next order!

  15. Wendy Kwas (verified owner)

    These 60mg gummies are incredible. Dose carefully! I cut them up and dip them in sugar to keep them from sticking together after cutting. An enjoyable high for sure. Chronix Guru is the best!

  16. nednarb (verified owner)

    These are the best tasting THC gummies I have ever had. They are also a bargain for the price at 60mg per gummy, and you could really cut each gummy into quarters to have 4 15mg pieces per, if you’re trying not to get “too” high 😂 but the effects are also amazing you will not be disappointed with these gummies.

  17. kimberlyadriano55 (verified owner)

    Very happy with these. Fast shipping. Great quality. Thank you!

  18. chasecole8 (verified owner)

    I tried the strawberry daiquiri flavor and they taste great! And they’re definitely great edibles that really pack a punch. I must say that the full 60mg hits HARD and even the 30mg comes in hot. Definitely would recommend to start with 10mg or maybe even 5mg at first if you’re newer to edibles. But overall really great product, especially for the price!

  19. Chris (verified owner)

    These packed a punch! Unlike some of the other reviews, I did not have an issue with delayed hit. My wife and I split one and were good within the hour. Only reason I knocked off a star was because the flavor I got (Mango) had an almost unbearable aftertaste. Had to chase it with something. I will have to try another flavor to see if the aftertaste isn’t as bad

  20. Kara Lane (verified owner)

    These are incredible! The gummies are pillowy soft and taste amazing. I purchased the Strawberry flavor, and these almost seem like they melt in your mouth. They are also very potent, and left me feeling relaxed for hours. I highly recommend

  21. arcreeper (verified owner)

    Good flavor, they work well , a bit costly ,

  22. superstardom00 (verified owner)

    These gummies are HUGE so its easy to cut in half or quarters depending on your dosing preference/tolerance. Blue raspberry is the only flavor i tried so far. Good product!

  23. Willie Coachman (verified owner)

    Always my favorite edible

  24. Adam G. (verified owner)

    All I have to say is “WOW”!!! These gummies are the real deal. Very strong. I cut mine in 1/4 as normally take 10mg. Started to feel the effects with 45 mins. By 1.5 hours I was feeling amazing. Lasted for 4-5 hours and allowed me to unwind after a long week. I would definitely recommend this product as high quality and really gets you to where you want. Maybe I’ll try 1/2 on a Saturday and see where the ride takes me! Lol

  25. Julianne De Lisi (verified owner)

    The flavor of these gummies were great and the packaging was very nice as well. I expected them to melt since it’s been so hot but they were completely fine when they arrived! I take half a gummy at night and I sleep great! Will definitely get more when I run out.

  26. Dabner (verified owner)

    Great tasting gummies! love the large size!

  27. Victor Green (verified owner)

    I had these gummies while on vacation in Florida and they are the best I’ve ever had. I absolutely enjoyed my vacation because of Chronic Guru’s gummies. I’ve already ordered my own. Look no where else, try some for yourself, you can thank me later!

  28. Ryan Smith (verified owner)

    One of the best edibles I’ve tried.

  29. Lisa Cook (verified owner)

    I am new to Gummies, so I cut it into quarters to start. It kicked in about an hour and a half. Definitely recommend to try before bedtime. It has helped me get some much needed sleep. Will order again.

  30. Joseph Farris (verified owner)

    Tastes great! Love the size so I can cut them up to get the feeling I want (relaxed, buzzed, happy)!

  31. wyattdailey05 (verified owner)

    They were amazing, had to half them!

  32. gdphillips25 (verified owner)

    These are amazing will buy again. I cut it in four pieces because they are big.

  33. winston thornton (verified owner)

    they do the job pretty good

  34. Nikki Peoples (verified owner)

    Be. Careful. LOL
    I had half of one of these and likely should’ve started with less than that. The high took about 30 minutes to set in and I had the giggles for a good 2 hours, then the sluggishness set in. I needed help getting downstairs. I had a restful night’s sleep, though!

  35. Mr. Bear (verified owner)

    Definitely one of the better options for edibles out there, taste is absolutely amazing, almost no hint of any of the cannabis and easy to divide up to make them last a whole lot longer. This product also ticks all the marks when it comes to the different levels of a high you look forward to in your common edibles as well, don’t overestimate with these bad boys, look out if you’re starting out and start small and slow. Highs for me on this product tend to peak around an hour to an hour and a half and were always incredibly pleasant, relaxing and euphoric (results will always vary of course between people) 10 outta 10 if I could.

  36. Miki Swan (verified owner)

    Favorite gummy ever! body and head high. Thank you!

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